The business environment is growing faster every day with a specific need for turning more digital. This creates a competitive atmosphere and a rising need for a talented team of developers.

Hence, the company will be in a situation that needs building a development team to keep up with any updates in the business market and face any possible risks in the future. Here, you have only two options to pass this situation. To search for talented software developers who can be interested in your offer in your city or break the borders and hire remote developers.

At this point, we should share an important statistic that we discovered while observing the global business scene: “By 2025, it is estimated that 70% of employees will work remotely”.

This statistic shows why many companies now prefer going for Offshoring services to target the best candidates.

But firstly, does offshoring mean outsourcing?

What you need to know is that it’s maybe similar. But basically, it’s totally different. While you can depend on another specific team to run some functions instead of you which is called Outsourcing, Offshoring lets you run a remote team that is working under the company’s brand.

But like everything else could have PROs and CONs, what are the benefits and risks of offshoring services?


Benefits of IT offshoring

Most of these days’ companies have decided to hire remote software developers as a beneficial option that ensures many benefits on different levels.

  1. Scalability
  2. Flexibility
  3. Focus on the business core
  4. Reduce costs

If you think it sounds beneficial to take this option, go more detailed with the next points.

  1. Scalability

Every company, at some point, looks for expansion. With many risk factors appearing on the scene, offshoring development services to an IT Company or remote software developers overseas gives the company the chance to expand almost without risks. Besides, the chance to customize your remote developers’ team with the needed experiences and specializes due to your business needs.

  1. Flexibility

Of course, your company will not need full developers team all year round, and the needed tasks won’t be the same all the time. So, hiring a remote developers team gives you the flexibility to manage the workforce in your company by increasing or decreasing due to your needs and requirements. As a business owner, you will have the option to select the needed skills to be in your team for a specific project.

  1. Focus on the business core

Business owners and founders have too many things to handle on the road to growing their business. Hence, trying to handle the technical part of the work will be overloading, and the final result won’t be satisfying enough. So, offshoring IT services will let things go smoother and let every business owner invest more time in essential business factors.

  1. Reduce costs

For startups, mid-size, even high-scaled companies in the digital scene, offshoring developers’ teams can become a huge achievement. As offshoring, IT services can reduce a lot of expenses and time. So, as a business owner, you will preserve stable growth rates and cut out the budget spending on many things while recruiting phases.


But like any step in the business scene, you should be aware of some risks to gain all the possible benefits and know how to handle some situations.

Risks of IT offshoring

Although IT offshoring offers any company many chances to grow and expand, it also has a downside that may hinder your strategy.

  1. Different time frames
  2. Cultural differences
  3. Legal Differences
  4. Lack of Transparency in Pricing
  1. Different time zones

It will be a pain point if there is a big gap between you and your remote team. Even you tried to handle the daily tasks but at some point, you will need a fast response in urgent cases. This requires some practice to manage your remote team.

  1. Cultural differences

Having a space of cultural compatibility with your employees definitely helps to cooperate effectively in various projects. This is what you may miss by depending on Offshoring.

  1. Legal Differences

Every country has different labor laws and instructions to define the relationship between employees and companies. Before you decide to tap into new markets, you should study the legal situation that will face you.

  1. Lack of Transparency in Pricing

While you decided to offshore IT team to have specialized employee with affordable expenses, you may be a victim of the varying prices in every offshoring agency.

Now it may seem so confusing. But don’t worry, the solution is closer than you think.

How to hire remote IT team safely?

In addition to seeking to achieve the best benefits for your company, avoiding risks is also important. This should occupy a part of your attention.

Here, TIS will be a suitable option to recruit remote IT teams with technical capabilities that fit your needs.

In TIS, you will be able to avoid all the possible risks of IT Offshoring BY managing the recruiting process step-by-step. TIS is an offshoring partner with 20 years of experience in the Saudi IT market.

  1. Here, you will conquer the borders of time zones and culture with a highly-skilled IT team that could align with your company rules.
  2. Besides, the compliance process with regulations and laws of labor to secure your data and work stability.
  3. All this to ensure that you will be reported with the perfect candidates list out of your requirements as well suggested pricing due to evaluating the labor market.



So, hiring a remote developer team with the needed qualifications and experiences is not easy at all. You need many considerations to evaluate the process and reach the perfect candidates. Despite this, it’s still an important solution that steps up your company to new levels.

If you are interested in professional offshoring IT services and recruitment solutions, contact us now.