After a round of interviews, you received an accepting E-mail. That moment of being excited for new beginnings, especially if it took you weeks or months to get that offer. Congratulations! Now, what’s next?

Whatever how much time you have before starting your new position, you should know how to handle it. Even this period is 2 days or 2 weeks, then you have to know how to use it optimally. This will get you ready to start the new job with the needed vibes.

To help you pass this stage with extreme benefits, we have prepared this list of What to do after being accepted to a new job.


  1. Restate all the details of your position
  2. Notify your current boss
  3. Make it easier on your current team
  4. Leverage your time before starting
  5. Get closer to the new community


Don’t miss checking these points before your first day. Now go for more details to enjoy the beginning professionally.


  1. Restate all the details of your position

Before any decision about the job offer you got, you need to restate all details related to your responsibilities. Also, you should ask if there are any papers or anything else that need to be prepared before the start date. When all job offer’s related details are clarified to both sides, this shows appreciation to the upcoming days together.

  1. Notify your current boss

If you are already employed, you have to inform your current manager that you have accepted a new job offer. This will let you aware of the proper protocol for leaving your job, how transitional activities will work, the required termination date -two weeks is the standard notice-, and if you need to submit a formal resignation letter.

It sounds too complicated steps and details. But it’s really necessary when you leave a company for another one. It leaves a positive impression on your managers and mates. Who knows when you will meet them again in any situation?


  1. Make it easier on your current team

When you are about to leave a job, you have to set a meeting with your team. It’s important to discuss your ideas on who would be suited to take over in the interim and then put a specific schedule of how exactly the day-to-day responsibilities will be managed. This smooth plan of leaving a job will be mutually beneficial. As it will help you start the new job with full concentrated mind.


  1. Leverage your time before starting

It will be great if you can handle 2 or 3 days as a break before you start working again. This will be a great chance to relax and refill your energy to start the new job. Who knows when your next vacation will roll around, so here’s your chance!


  1. Get closer to the new community

Now you are about to be part of the new community. So, it’s definitely important to know this community well. The most popular method is to follow the social media channels of your new place. This gives you a hint about the team members and the main values of the workplace. All this will help you get involved with the new team in the shortest time.



Whatever the reason behind you are leaving your current job, you need to do it in the best way. As it shows many things about your personality and how you handle any situation in your coming days. All this does not interfere with being enthusiastic about the new beginning but somehow prepares you for that beginning healthily and professionally to help you increase your productivity.

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