The milestone goal for every business is growth, of course. And during the steps towards that goal, you may think about stepping up with your expansion plans. But is it that easy to expand your business to new dimensions or geographical ranges? Absolutely not easy, but not impossible too. You will just need to study every step and risk that may face you in the journey. 

The first risk will be the fear of relocation. Moving your business to another country with different legal regulations is really scary. That’s why PEO solutions appear on the global business surface.


What are PEO solutions?

PEO or Professional employer organization is experts who can support your business with accomplishing some missions to decrease the hassle of managing every detail in your company. Their main role goes for assisting in recruiting and maintaining top talents in your company. This came through most HR functions—like payroll, benefits, compliance, and workers’ compensation.


On your way to growth and global expansion, you will need every cell in your brain to core focus on the business goals. Some side tasks, like: Hiring new employees, Compliance, Human Resources Management, and Payroll, may take their place in your plan. However, it’s important to give the business a push ahead, it takes a great deal of time, effort, and financial resources to do it well that allows you to achieve the required progress. Here, comes the role of PEO companies to support your expansion goals through the easy way of leaving that side tasks to be done with experts. Although it’s scary to leave the most important asset – your employees- to outside hands, it can really be beneficial to your business.


But if you are still asking “How far are PEO solutions good option for your business?” 

The answer came from a known case study published by NAPEO (The National Association of Professional Employers): small businesses that use PEOs grow 7 to 9 % faster, have 10 to 14 % lower employee turnover and are 50 % less likely to go out of business.


Benefits of PEO solutions

Every decision or choice can affect your business more than you think. Hence, you need to declare the WHYs behind every new choice, especially such a big one like business expansion without relocating the office. In other words, using PEO solutions to recruit and manage your employees relying on the advantages of PEO services.

For small to mid-size companies or even the large ones, the recruitment process is one of the most tasks that take time in assessment and interviewing phases till they find the perfect candidate for each position. With hundreds of CVs or portfolios it’s getting harder. Then you can miss the skilled candidates or never reach them by a traditional job advertisement. The professional recruitment agency will be a better choice as its long expertise will make process go smoother. So, you can reach a high quality, affordable options that align to your requirements and more. This gives you the benefits of global hiring safely and professionally.

Every labor market is a unique case especially with the financial regulations. So, a professional recruitment agency will shorten your road to the salary negotiations with the perfect candidate. Accordingly, they use their long expertise in the human resources management to reach a win-win situation for the company and the employees. Especially when it comes to providing good offers for social and medical insurance systems.

In the business world, time = money. Every day you are wasting in the screening or interviewing phase can disrupt your expansion plan. On the other hand, you can handle it with a professional recruiting team to fill the gap in your team as near as possible. During that time, you can leverage every minute to evaluate your growth strategy and focus on the core of your business.

Every country has different regulations related to the compliance process and employment. To depend on a professional PEO means that you get out of the hassle of the new legal regulations and the details of labor law in every country you expand for. This is a perfect solution that offers professional recruitment and stable expansion without relocation details.

This is what start-ups and mid-level companies miss. Despite their great focus on expansion and growth, their experiences are limited, especially for some details related to human resource management. Besides, how to deal with the workforce to move the entire business steps forward correctly. All these details became easier with PEO company. They use their extensive experience to grab all the benefits of such cases and turn them into practical decisions.



Every step affects your business plans deeply. When it comes to a huge decision like global expansion, the decision is getting harder. Hence, such an initial step as transforming from a small local business to a multi-national enterprise and scaling new heights needs you to contact skilled & experienced business provider. This is what you can find with a professional PEO agency.


TIS for recruitment solutions

For 20 years and more TIS (Technology for Integrated Services) has built extensive expertise in the Saudi market. Over these years, we provide innovative solutions for our partners to get suitable candidates. This comes through a selective and executive process that ensures you reach high-skilled IT calibers from various IT disciplines within one week to fill the open vacancies. Our role doesn’t stop just in finding you skillful candidate but goes further to managing HR functions, includes contracting, on-boarding, personnel, payroll, social and medical insurance, and taxes for your workforce over our HRMS, plus the compliance process with regulations and laws of labor.

If you are interested in professional IT recruiting services and solutions, contact us now.