Every company has a growth strategy that goes for global expansion, controlling new spots in the market, and more. Whatever the goal or company’s field is, there are many obstacles on the growth road. The biggest one -that every company all over the world suffers from- is the lack of tech talent pool. This issue is going bigger with the increasing global need for highly skilled software developers, IT specialists, and even qualified project managers. The global market nowadays needs various IT disciplines to control day-by-day challenges. With this confusing scene, offshoring services have proven high effectiveness especially in staffing highly skilled software developers and web developers with affordable costs.

A report published by Statista shows software development to be the most common IT role offshored. In the last few years, offshoring IT talents gained outstanding positions even in the tricky fields like the financial field. That is what makes 71% of financial service executives outsource or offshore some of their services. This is how offshoring turned into a trusted valid option for business decision-makers. If you are still confused about how the process goes, it’s time for some explanation.


How does offshoring work? (Offshoring meaning) 

Offshoring lets your company handle specific tasks with another team of experts overseas. However, offshoring mainly depends on leveraging the benefits of global talent staffing. It also keeps the company’s hand over the whole process. In other words, your company uses an offshoring agency to hire skilled talents in a different country with maintaining the management practices of your company.  

Many corporates take offshoring & outsourcing services to support their expansion strategies safely. (Link with the blog: PEO solutions for safe business expansion). It lets the company leverage all the benefits of global hiring and expanding business over borders without need for relocation or complicated compliance.


Who needs offshoring services?

The first idea that will pass to your mind is that the only type of companies that will need offshoring services is small or mid-size companies. Although small and mid-size companies really need expertise in recruitment and managing some tasks like web development, even large-scale companies use offshoring services to handle IT solutions in some cases.

In some cases, even if the company has an internal team to manage the daily tasks, some projects face the capacity of the development team. In this case, offshoring services give the company the chance to handle the new project professionally at an accurate time.

In 2016, Google moved to offshore more IT talent for software development, maintenance for IT service firms, and IT infrastructure management.

With the increasing need for high-skilled IT talents, the global market suffers from the lack of quality candidates who can deal with the running projects. Being trapped within geographic borders decreases your chance of reaching qualified candidates, especially with high competition globally. So, offshoring smoothens the road toward global hiring. Hence, you will attract a team of software developers that align with your needs, requirements, and budget in the shortest time.

Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce company, decided to offshore website design and web development tasks because of the scarcity of Chinese website developers. Through offshoring, Alibaba was able to appeal to targeted global markets, which would be otherwise impossible with their lacking in-house talent.

The hiring process is one of the costliest missions in each business. While the company holds some projects till it finds a qualified team to manage them and through the screening & the interviewing phase, all this costs time and financial resources. On the other hand, the company needs all these resources.

For the same reason, WhatsApp founders chose to offshore because the app’s beta version was experiencing several technical issues in its early stages. The company needed to find the right talent at a lower cost point.


How to choose the right offshoring services to your case?

One of the big benefits of choosing offshoring services as a solution is decreasing traditional hiring risks. Accordingly, Software development projects require extreme attention to detail plus a set of high-level skills. On the other hand, your internal team may deal with some complicated projects within the needed period. All of this makes choosing a partner offshoring agency a risky decision.


Most companies when start thinking about offshoring IT talents, their minds go automatically to South Asian companies based in India, China, or the Philippines. Other ones go for Eastern Europe and Latin America. But the missing part is still here for companies in the MENA region and GULF.

A company based in Saudi Arabia, or UAE, or any other country in the MENA region, you still have a better option. Going for further options puts your business in another challenge of different time zones, cultural differences, geographical gaps, and more.


So, MENA region-based companies will be a better option for your case. 



Offshoring can be the shortest way to boost your growth strategy. As it offers more flexibility with every business case. Due to your exact case, you can find the calibers who carry out the responsibilities of software development projects within the available time and budget. Offshoring can also be the safer option in various cases when it comes to business expansion with affording extra costs for relocation or global hiring.

To make sure that you gain the benefits of offshoring and avoid any possible risks, you just need to focus on the right choice for your case.


TIS for recruitment solutions

For 20 years and more, TIS (Technology for Integrated Services) has built extensive expertise in the Saudi market. Over these years, we provided innovative solutions for our partners to get suitable candidates. This comes through a selective and executive process that ensures you reach high-skilled IT calibers from various IT disciplines within one week to fill the open vacancies. All these efforts to make offshoring easier and more professional for your company align with the global standard of recruitment of IT talents.

If you are interested in professional offshoring IT services and recruitment solutions, contact us now.