One of the stable rules in business is that success starts with people. This is what makes recruitment getting harder every day. Besides, the lack of qualified talents and active calibers, especially in the technology field. This situation forces the companies to take a closer look at some new concepts like talents management and talent development.


These concepts take us to 3 stages you should consider in your relationship, as recruiter, with IT talents:

  1. Identify talents & employees.
  2. Engage with your IT talents.
  3. Develop talents.



From this point, any company can start its journey to build a strong team of developers & IT calibers. As it always begins with identifying the company’s needs for IT talents.


  1. Identify talents & employees

Any recruiter needs to have a realistic definition of the best performer in each position before starting the hiring process. This step gives the recruiter a list of key performance indicators and translates them into practical experiences and skills.


However, the importance of the performance ratings of each employee, defining talents should go for more than this measure points. This is called the moral part of the recruiting decision. Besides, the executive decision depends on the technical skills and experiences of each caliber, moral approach must take part in the hiring decision. This part stands for the personal and behavioral characteristics of each candidate.

These executive & moral characteristics vary due to each company’s needs and even for each department inside the company. As a recruiter or manager, you will need to find the best way to cultivate these traits in all of your employees. To get the scene clearer to you, we can suggest some characteristics that you can take into account while setting your indicators.


8 Skills you should consider before a hiring decision:


When this step seems to be a milestone in the recruitment process, you absolutely think about the why behind it.

Why identifying talents is important before hiring IT calibers?

The recruiting process that starts with identifying talents guarantees better results. This step helps the company to define its needs and put them into the ground with an executive approach. So, the recruiter or manager can discover every employee’s proficiency and skill and invest in them to get closer to company goals.

At this point, we can say that contributing top talents boost the performance of all the team members by 5% to 15%. Now just think about how it will reflect on your company’s growth rates and profits. So, you can start attracting top talents to your company.


  1. Engage with your IT talents

After getting what you need from your employees, the next step is to retain them. Keeping the employees engaged in your company is a vital step in talent management strategies. This step starts early from connecting to the IT caliber as a candidate and keeps going through all stages of your relationship, as a recruiter, with the talent. Thus, this strategy includes talent management practices, whether internal or external to the company.

All you need to keep the IT talents engaged in your company to express understanding of their motivations and concerns. Hence, you can direct their skills and experiences to serve the company goals. So, the company not just relies on its IT talents to do work but also engages with them to build a type of loyalty that leads to productivity in a Win-Win situation.


Due to the changes that the labor market has faced recently, the remote work options raised in all fields. This gives managers a new challenge to keep up with their teams. Besides, the challenges of achieving growth Without affecting the respect of each employee’s personal life. Hence, managers need special tactics to practices to manage their remote tech teams.



  1. Develop talents

With the IT talents shortage in the global market, attracting and retaining talents is getting harder and more for developing talents & teams. To put your talent development strategy, you need to depend on clear information that can clarify the link between your team skills and the business goals of your company. So, after setting the key performance indicators for each position, the next step will be monitoring and evaluating the performance due to the predefined characteristics. This will give you clear feedback about what you need to develop in your team and the opportunities you can provide them with.


Nowadays, development opportunities gain bigger value in attracting top talents. If you target hiring qualified IT calibers, you need to ensure that your talent management strategy includes developing talent in the workplace. Because if they don’t receive new opportunities to learn, they may look for an employer who offers this kind of support.




The hiring process needs more than qualifications and job advertisements to reach the growth goals of the recruiter and employee too. So, the benefits of talent management & development can reach the satisfied employee who enhances their productivity and innovation to achieve their company’s goals. While it seems a complicated process, the prospected results of active hiring techniques and management executive approach are worthy.


TIS for recruitment solutions

These tactics and more will give your company a valuable recruiting process when it came out of a long experience in the recruiting field. That’s why depending on a specialized recruiting agency is a better choice, especially for the technical field.  


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