If you look back to 5 years ago or less than that, you will find our traditional work environment. It is where the concept of “Remote Working” is just a prosperity option. Now and after 2 years of a world pandemic, it is totally turned into a “Priority” for every company and employee. In fact, the quote “Stay home, stay safe” became global status even for the business scene.

“85% of managers believe that having teams with remote workers will become the new norm.”

It is a bit surprising percentage, but it is our new world. Business is going more virtual with opened eyes to the future and the benefits and risks of hiring remote teams. (Link with blog “what to know before offshoring IT services)

This change in the labor market and recruitment scene comes in parallel with the increasing need for digital transformation. High functioning remote tech team is the most effective solution to fill this gap.


Before you set your requirements for remote developers’ team with high skills and expertise, you should start with your company internally. This moves us to a vital concept to be considered, as a business owner or recruiter, before hiring a remote tech team.


Transparency is the key before hiring a remote tech team.

Transparency is always the way to get what you need faster and in the best form. You can start by highlighting what you actually need from the ideal candidate. This lets the candidate know well what to expect before applying for the job as well helps them to focus on whether the role and the company are right for them. This step removes some hassle before evaluating the candidates. As it is automatically ignoring unsuitable candidates.

While you are trying not to be limited with location or borders, you should clarify the specific time zones and location requirements. Besides, if there are any legal rules and regulations are needed to be considered.

It may seem like additional options but believe it will shorten your road to getting the perfect candidate for your company with less wasted time and effort.



How to build remote tech teams step-by-step?

Now it is time for 5 steps you need to practice while building a functioning remote tech team. These steps are a conclusion of well-tried tactics and time-tested methods that are proven effective with many companies all over the globe. So here we are going to explain these 5 steps.

  1. Define your requirements
  2. The right place to search for remote employees
  3. Screening and evaluating the candidates
  4. Online or face-to-face interview
  5. Employee onboarding



  1. Define your requirements

This is always the start point while hiring a remote tech team of talented developers. You should define the technical skills and expertise that fits your needs and plans. Here, you need to work more on the job description attached to the job advert.

Basically, almost all companies focus on the technical requirements only. While hiring a remote tech team, you need to be aware of the skills that make any candidate fits your workforce as a REMOTE EMPLOYEE.


Important remote working skills



  1. The right place to search for remote employees

Knowing the differences between traditional recruiting and remote recruiting is vital at this step. In addition to the traditional platforms, you use to find new tech talents like LINKEDIN, there are specialized platforms for remote job seekers like UPWORK, JustRemote, and FlexJobs.

This may be a fast solution, but is it really works professionally? It is up to your company’s situation. Here, you can depend on a professional IT recruiting agency to be an effective option especially when it comes to the quality of the candidates and the time factor.



  1. Screening and evaluating the candidates

To make the hiring process really fruitful, you need to spend the amount of your time in this phase meticulously. at this step, you ensure that every candidate really fits your requirements. This phase includes evaluating the technical skills and expertise by technical assessment as it is a mandatory step.

This phase will give you a realistic idea of ​​the candidates’ technical level and ability to deal with the projects that you will ask him for in the future.



  1. Online or face-to-face interview

To hire a functioning remote tech team, and after the technical evaluation, you should complete the process with a personal interview.

This phase ensures that the candidates will fit your internal team with effective communication. It is also a chance to evaluate complementary skills like the sense of accountability and time management skills.



  1. Employee onboarding

At this step, you are at the end of the funnel of hiring a remote tech team. Here, you’ve found the perfect candidate that totally suits your needs and requirements. Here, you need to prepare a detailed list of things the new employee should know about the company. All these things establish the relationship between your management team and the newcomers.


This will definitely help you to the next step: How to manage your tech team remotely?

Here, we can suggest reading this blog to know the best managing tactics: Best Practice Of Managing Your Remote Teams


And for your new employees you can share with them this blog: What To Do After Being Accepted To A New Job?




Hiring a remote tech team may not be an easy task for managers and business owners but its benefits go for higher growth rates for any company. It simply starts from reducing expenses and increasing the productivity of every developer in your tech team. It just needs taking the right steps to ensure successful results.



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