You are running because all the world is running too. It’s the best way to describe our work-life nowadays. While you are trying to improve your career path and take more steps forward, you just realize that you’re stuck in a loop. Once you discover that you are at that point, all you should do is stop, take a step back, then think.

Most people think that you have to work more for longer working hours. So, you can develop your career and productivity. But in reality, all of this can lead you to the exact opposite. Here, research shows that beyond a certain number of hours, employees actually don’t produce anything more. Besides, it affects their health and productivity dramatically.

Due to Forbes, 56% of employee burnout is caused by negative work culture and is to blame for 20-50% of turnover.



What is the Burnout status?

Burnout is a status of being exhausting. It’s mostly caused by overloading yourself with responsibilities and losing the balance between the different activities of your life.

Largely, it comes from long work hours. Its impact can affect your health negatively, increase stress and reduce the ability to enjoy things.


A step back can help you before it affects your deeply. So, here are some signs for near burnout that can warn you

  1. You can’t stop thinking about work when you’re not at work.
  2. Emotional exhaustion that Your relationships -with your mates, friends, and family- start suffering.
  3. Lack of energy or find it difficult to focus when at work.
  4. You can’t imagine doing what you do for the rest of your life. Even if you work in a field or a company you once loved, it feels impossible to imagine continuing life, as it is, for long.



At this point, you will be able to define the problem and be ready to reach a suitable solution. Yes, it’s Effective work-life balance is the proven solution by many case studies of diverse companies. Now, it’s time to answer the following question.


How to achieve work-life balance?

A good work-life balance actually means harmony between the different aspects of your life. Simply, when you can divide your 24 hours between work, family, friends, and any activity that makes you feel better about yourself.

The importance of work-life balance came of its benefits that appear to your life positively. As we need to gain benefits from each area in our life to support and strengthen others. In fact, you can reach a good work-life balance through some easy tips like:

  1. Define your values & priorities.
  2. Set your own boundaries.
  3. Focus on your health.
  4. Find something to engage with.
  5. Appreciate the way you think.



The best way to determine the good work-life balance starts by learning how to contact with yourself and your inner thoughts then how to evaluate your results. So, let’s go for more details about these tips.


  1. Define your values & priorities

Don’t think it’s a waste of time when you spend it thinking about what is important to you in life. From time to time, you need to think and rearrange your priorities. Try to manage your time between things and interests that make you feel better about your life. As renewing your passion for your daily activities is an important way to keep improving your career path.



  1. Set your own boundaries

Nowadays, the boundaries between work and social life are very blurry. This situation is much harder for people who work remotely. When the place you live becomes part of your work office, it’s absolutely impossible to stop thinking about tasks after work hours.

Here, you need to set limits for your work hours and set aside time for other activities. This strategy tells you when to ignore some phone calls or work emails.



  1. Focus on your health

Lack of control over your working hours can impact your health, increase stress, and negatively affect your mental health. While all of us need adrenaline at some time in work for a deadline. If it goes out of our control, this will reflect on the quality of our work.

The best-proven way to get over unhealthy stress is getting enough sleep at regular times, eating healthy food, and doing regular exercises like yoga.



  1. Find something to engage with

Having something that you can enjoy after work hours is really helpful to recharge your inner energy again. It can be a hoppy, a game, or just a piece of music. Whatever you prefer will boost your passion and creativity. This is what you exactly will need to disconnect from work messages or end your day after long work hours. As our souls are like every tool or machine we work with, at some point need to refresh.



  1. Appreciate the way you think

Every brain works differently. You need to realize and embrace the unique technique of your brain. To do that, there is many hacks can raise your productivity at work.

One of the common work techniques is the Pomodoro work-frame. Simply, it depends on working for 25 minutes, then taking 5 minutes as a break and repeating. There are many techniques to discover the way your brain works. Try them as you want to find which one fits you the most.




It’s a great thing to work more and take steps forward in your career path. Although it’s an appreciated goal to achieve, you should be aware of when to stop and change the plan. As it once said, “The arrow goes back so it can go forward”. So, you need to know how to reach a healthy work environment that increases your productivity at work.



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