“Business relies on chances” this rule gives us a glimpse of how far chance could present to a business. Here, the real competition is to leverage the best consequence of each chance to achieve striking growth. This came to guide the companies in the Saudi market to a real opportunity to grow faster than ever with the economic expectations in 2022. As Saudi Arabia is expected to grow by around 10 % in 2022, according to a recent report by Capital Economics. Besides, the report referred to that is expected to be the fastest growth rate since 2011.

We see the sparkling idea in your mind now. Before moving to think about the best way to reach that goal and risks behind it, we got the solution. A team of talented IT specialists and web developers will get the goals faster and safer for your business. As a result, you got a new challenge to hire the best talents, especially in a competitive market like Saudi Arabia.

Now the sparkling question before you start hiring “Why do you need the best talents to grow in the Saudi market?” 

According to the global economic reports in 2022, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ranks among the top 20 economies of the world. The country also offers an attractive prospect for business expansion. This shows a high competition to achieve a better presence in the financial scene. Besides, the effect on the quality of the hiring process and the quality of employees in your team. Making wrong choices during the hiring process will cost the company money and time that never get back. Hence, the company will need to start the whole recruitment again and again till reaching high-skilled candidates.

That’s why new options appeared on the recruitment scene in Saudi Arabia like Outsourcing.


What is the meaning of outsourcing?

Outsourcing is an option many corporates start to rely on to get some tasks done with a specific team that runs some functions instead of the company. This became an effective technique to get the best results out of each task by professionals to decrease the hassle of running every detail in the company. Outsourcing proved high functionality, especially in the Gulf countries.


Why you should start outsourcing for IT talents? (Advantages of outsourcing)

The Saudi market is very competitive. This gave preference to outsourcing more than the traditional hiring when it comes to hiring high-skilled IT talents. Thus, the advantages of outsourcing are highlighted to deal with the tech issues that any company could face.



Transforming some tasks to a professional expert to deal with decreases the hassle of managing every detail related to your work. Hence, it will give you the chance to focus on the core of your business and study the other opportunities to grow. On the other hand, it’s the best way to mitigate the risks of any decision. Thus, you got the best result with fewer risks and errors.


Finding the best candidate for the required position not just with a job advert and a good job offer. It can go further for where you are searching for the candidates. Traditional hiring platforms can give you good options. But better options will be with a professional recruiter as a recruitment agency or outsourcing company. It can help you get quality candidates for each position with the best offer that aligns with your qualifications. It’s a main reason why many companies find recruitment agency is a better option.


While your company is preparing to grow faster and safer in the Saudi Market, you need to keep your team updated with members who can carry out the new responsibilities. Here, you can depend on a professional recruitment agency that understands the needs of the Saudi market and its updates. This experience will give you another point related to the timing of the hiring process that goes faster with a professional agency.


Outsourcing gives you the chance to have a stable strategy for your business. As the high turnover rates caused by nonprofessional hiring will lead to unstable practices in the business framework. While the professional recruiters have enough experience to know what kind of candidates will fit work environment and culture of your company.



Your team of employees is your first step towards a stable growth rate in a highly competitive and promising market like the Saudi market. Especially when it comes to hiring the best IT talents, outsourcing will be an effective option to go with. Outsourcing guarantees better results in the hiring process. It also reduces the risks you may face like: a high turnover rate or nonqualified candidates. 

When choosing an outsourcing agency to be your recruitment partner, you’ve better willing to choose one that can understand the Saudi business market, your needs, and your culture. So, a Saudi- based recruitment agency will surely be your best choice.


TIS for recruitment solutions

TIS, the specialized recruitment arm of Exa Information Technology LLC has built its position with extensive experience for 20 years in the Saudi IT market. This reputation is built with innovative solutions that we are presenting to our partners to get a suitable candidate. This comes through a selective and executive process that ensures you reach high-skilled IT calibers from various IT disciplines. This process will be your perfect solution to complete your tech team in the shortest time with the perfect candidates for your field.

For more inquiries about TIS recruitment solutions, contact us now.