Mostly all companies nowadays have a Remotely Working team, even while having an existing physical office. However, each company’s case is completely different from the others. This is due to several factors, including:


While many organizations had to work remotely during the global pandemic. With the pandemic or not, many managers realized the importance of remote working as an option in the work-life.

A study by Stanford of 16,000 workers over 9 months found that working from home increases productivity by more than 13 times.


So, as a team manager, if Remote Working is a choice or a situation you are forced to, you need to learn How to manage your team Remotely?

  1. Create a communication channel
  2. Identify responsibilities
  3. Provide the needed tools
  4. Be sensitive to overloading
  5. Listen to your team
  6. Get the team together physically


Study this advice carefully to keep your team on track and closer to your goals. Now let’s have a more detailed look.


  1. Create a communication channel

Every team has a special method to get the best connection between the team members. So, as a manager, you must find the best way to achieve effective communication between you and your team and between each team member and the other. This communication channel may be phone calls, video meetings, or e-mail.

While choosing the best channel for your case, you should keep in mind the different time zones of your team -if you have an overseas team-.


  1. Identify responsibilities

If you manage only one team, a department, or more, you need to figure out every employee’s responsibility. To be easier to put these responsibilities down, you will need to break them into smaller tasks with suitable execution time.

This process of identifying every mission with who will do it with a clear deadline will facilitate the monitoring strategy of your organization.


  1. Provide the needed tools.

Ensuring that the work environment is going in the best form is still one of your main responsibilities. So, you must provide the Your team with the needed tools or software. This will create the working environment for each employee as if he were working from the official office.


  1. Be sensitive to overloading

Every employee is looking for a balance between work hours and social life. Contrary to common, Overworking can affect the quality of work negatively. There is no conflict between completing required and urgent tasks and considering that every employee has a social life that he needs to practice. This balance lets your team be more concentrated during work hours.


  1. Listen to your team

Gathering feedback regularly will let you focus on the pain points of your team and fix them in the shortest time. It will be a great chance to get your team involved in the process of enhancing the whole team’s performance and suggest solutions.

This creates a type of emotional connection between the team members and you as a team leader.


  1. Get the team together physically

Besides the good connection throw the chosen channel, you and your team will need to connect in-person time a while. As offline meeting has diverse benefits for each team member. This let the teammates break the ice and help understand the role of each member.

If you have a new member on your team, this will be a great chance to make him feel welcomed.



You may think that managing a remote working team is much harder than normal managing from the office. On the other hand, the facts and practical studies have proved that managing a remote team has the same challenges as working from the office. The real difference is your ability to adapt to different situations to get the most benefit out of them and increase the productivity of your team.


We suggest some tips that will help your team increase their productivity at work in this blog: How to be more productive at work.


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