There is a basic rule in business life that is new issues need new solutions.

Now, the current job market faces new challenges in hiring talented tech candidates, especially in high-demand job roles like information security, IT digital transformation, and Cloud Solution. This is what prompted many companies to rely on recruitment agencies.

Over 90% of companies rely on recruitment agencies in hiring highly-skilled IT talents.


Let’s define the reasons behind this choice and how it will help your business:

  1. Reaching the best candidates
  2. The best timing
  3. Specificity
  4. Salary benchmarking
  5. Reduce the long-term cost
  6. Expanding your corporate in other countries
  7. Additional services

Now have a deeper look for more details that stands behind every reason. That will let you clarify your current situation in the market and what you exactly need to improve the Recruitment process in your corporate.

  1. Reaching the best candidates

 In a competitive environment, your company will have access to highly- skilled and trusted candidates with a professional recruitment agency.

Even if IT talents don’t position themselves as “actively seeking a job” a trusted recruitment agency will connect them with the vacancy that suits their experiences.

  1. The best timing

In the business “time means money”. So, every day or hour you are wasting at searching for the suitable candidate for your corporate refers to a money wasting. A recruitment agency will be the perfect choice to reach your goal in the shortest time due to the prepared shortlist for every position and its requirements. This process will ensure that time you spend in the application process is spent wisely in viewing that worth considering.

  1. Specificity

Every company needs specific requirements due to its niche, plan, culture, and values. An expert’s opinion will shorten the process by filtering the candidates to find you who match your requirements. This comes with extensive expertise and an accurate understanding of your niche requirements.



  1. Salary benchmarking

In some cases, it’s difficult to define the suitable salary for every position and match it with the plan of your corporate. A trusted recruitment agency will remove this hassle and ideally place to give you an accurate market rate using salary data and local market knowledge.



  1. Reduce the long-term cost

The company bears many costs in every phase of the recruitment process. Here comes one of the most long-term helpful advantages of recruitment agencies.

– Removes cost of posting most job adverts.

– Reduce costs of in-house staff.

– Reduces overtime costs: temporary hiring through a recruitment agency is often cheaper than requiring regular staff to work overtime during busy periods.

– Avoid the cost of a ‘bad hire’ (e.g., poor performance, training, re-hire).

  1. Expanding your corporate in other countries

When corporates begin to expand in another country or skip the obstacle of the lack of qualified cadre in their market, they prefer to cooperate with a professional recruitment agency to build their offshore tech team.

  1. Additional services

The recruitment process extends to many steps and stages before adding a new member to your team. It can be summed up in dealing with legal negotiations and contracts in each country. It also extends to post-hiring services such as monitoring and human resources services.


Every company needs a specific solution for its case. If you need to cut it short and find proven solutions, you will prefer a professional recruitment agency.

TIS for recruitment solutions

Here, in TIS, we can help you find your recruitment & offshoring partner. Our services include all stages of recruitment operations that you will need. It starts from finding the suitable candidate for tour business to managing all HR functions. So, you will separate from the hassle of (contracting, on-boarding, personnel, payroll, social and medical insurance, and taxes) for your workforce over our HRMS, plus the compliance process with regulations and laws of labor.

With extensive experience for 20 years in the Saudi IT market, TIS will shorten the road to growth with full recruitment services.

For more inquiries about TIS recruitment solutions, contact us now.