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Why to Join us

We’re committed to:

  • Bring remote and in-house job opportunities among different countries in GCC and MENA regions.
  • Fairly evaluate and technically assess each sourced applicant in terms of his technical skills and qualification.
  • Match each applicant with the suitable job opportunity or advise him about his weakness points or the missing skills.
  • Offer an attractive compensation packages and other loyalty benefits.
  • Ensures that the work environment is conducive for professional collaboration through ultramodern facilities – workstations, meeting rooms, IT infrastructure and more.

a simplified process

It should not take more than 1 week, and the system will automatically keep you posted by the status of your application for every taken step.

  1. Based on submitting your resume on our portal we’ll contact you to screen your technical expertise;
  2. Then, we’ll invite you to conduct online technical assessment as it’s a mandatory step;
  3. Once you did passed the assessment we’ll invite you for online/face-to-face interviews to complete your evaluation.
  4. within 1 week of the final interview you’ll get the final decision about your application.

Once we’ve decided about your application; we’ll:

  1. Submit you an official job offer to be digitally signed;
  2. Invite you to physically attend to one of our offices to sign the contract;
  3. Then, welcome you on board.

It’s easy as this.

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